Sandhill Cranes & New Babies

We feel so privileged to see the sandhill cranes daily around Solivita and in our backyard.  This spring, the arrival of the new chick seemed about a month late.  We thought it was due to the extra cold weather we had this winter, but worried that something had happened to the eggs.  There are coyotes around, also alligators, bobcats and even panthers.  The last week or so, we kept seeing a single adult crane so we hoped that meant the other crane was nesting.

Yesterday, we saw the new chick on its first outing.  Wait a minute, there are two chicks!  Wow, our crane pair had twins this year.   I admired them through the binoculors from across the lake.  I hope my neighbors over there don’t think I’m a peeping tom.

Today they brought the twins over to our side of the lake.  I ran out with my digital camera and snapped lots of photos.  Even though they stay pretty calm and let me get within about 6 or 7 feet, my pictures weren’t the best.  I get so excited, that at first I forgot to put it in the action mode to minimize blurring from the moving cranes.  Then I wasn’t holding the camera as steadily as I should.  Some were good shots though.  I’m glad the cranes tolerate my paparrazi behavior so well.  sandhill crane and babies

Here’s a link to the 500 photos (not kidding) that I took of the 2008 baby crane.    I’ll start a new album for the 2009 twin cranes.


One thought on “Sandhill Cranes & New Babies

  1. Sebastian December 15, 2009 / 11:44 am

    I have been seeing these birds quite a bit bird blogs from the Americas recently. Truly a lovely looking bird. Australia only has two crane species being the Brolga and Sarus Crane. They look quite similar but I recommend you have a look at the Brolga, they are a stunning bird indeed!

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