Clearing Out Clutter

I took a car full of stuff to the community yard sale Saturday.  Getting there at 6:30 was challenging for someone who likes to sleep in until 8 am.  My husband had to follow me over in the golf cart with several items that wouldn’t fit in the car.  He wouldn’t fit in the car either.  We set up the tables in the dark, and unpacked the boxes.  Early shoppers took a quick look as they tried to spot the real bargains before the crowds arrived.

The whole thing was over at 11 am, so we packed up the remnants and brought them back to our much less cluttered garage.  We donated a few items to the Salvation Army that stood by with their truck at the end of the sale.  Many sellers carted boxes over to it.  It was stuff they could no longer stand the sight of.  I wasn’t willing to donate the Coleman Grill or the portable screen house, so they’re back in the garage. 

I now have to follow up by posting descriptions on various online sale sites.  Hopefully I can find buyers there for these bigger items that we want $125 and $75 for.   Some of the RV gear, I’ll try to sell with notices on the bulletin board at local RV parks.  Of course, it’s a nuisance taking phone calls and having people come to the house to see the stuff.  Worth it, I guess, to get a tidier garage  and for several hundred dollars return.

I wrote an article for eHow about How to Sell More at a Yard Sale or Flea Market.


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