Writers for Charity

Some of the writers on the eHow site are channeling their talents to help charity.  I imagine during this economic downturn, the charities feel the pinch while experiencing increased demand for their services.  Here are the articles so far.  The writers have committed to donating any earnings they make from these articles to the charity they are promoting.  Check them out:

How to Help Pet Adoption Efforts in Phoenix, Arizona      by Peggy Hazelwood

 How to Reforest America      by Wordstock

How to Help Others for Free      by Patti Winters

How to Defend Polar Bears and Wolves     by AlianAngel555

How to Help Pine Ridge      by Hollie1974

How to Give to Chairty Wisely    by Patti Winters

 How to Help Australian Wildlife Injured in Fires       by Virginia Allain

How to Donate Wheelchairs to Third World People for Around Fifty Dollars       by Lilac Girl

How to Save the World By the Click of a Mouse       by Desula

 How to Be Part of the Humane Society        by Shirley  Philbrick

How to Contribute to NAMI – The National Alliance on Mental Illness       by Kate Downs

I was curious about how many other articles I’d already written promoting charities or nonprofits or volunteering.  Here’s the list:


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