Chill in Florida

My impatients look a little nipped this morning after 30 degree temperatures last night.  I’d hastily bunched some of the patio plants together and thrown a sheet over them, but left a few with heavier pots in place unprotected.  It looks like they will survive with just a little die-back.

It’s expected to be equally cold tonight.  It hasn’t been very warm even today, just barely reaching 51 degrees.  My fingers are cold as I sit here typing.  We get spoiled, here in the Orlando area, with winter temperatures usually in the 70s.  By Friday, it will warm back up.  I’m looking forward to it.

We cancelled our tee time for golf today.  It’s not much fun playing when it’s really cold.  I have an article about playing golf in cold weather, in case you ever have to do that.

January 22 – Well, a few things that I didn’t protect well enough froze.  I’ll have to replace a thriving banana plant and  a poinsettia.  If I hadn’t covered them with sheets, I think all the patio plants would be gone.  Warmer weather is expected tomorrow, thank goodness.


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