Hurray for America!

Flying the Flag
Flying the Flag

I’ve been watching the pagentry and commentary surrounding the inauguration for the past few days.  I’m feeling inspired and hopeful.  I thought today that Obama looked grave, as well he might with the task he faces.  He did not seem daunted though.

People are so fearful right now about the economy, the state of the world, the war, … everything.  Still two million people trekked to Washington, D.C.  They stood in freezing temperatures, waving small flags.  A new president has given them hope.   To see a black man overcome the prejudices and collect enough support to be elected president sets a wonderful precedent.  It doesn’t matter if you came from a broken home, were poor or a person of color, America is the land of opportunity. 

Are many of the limitations in our lives self-imposed?  We need to look at what road blocks we place in front of ourselves.    Even if others obstruct us, there are ways to go forward.  Go around those road blocks or over them or dig a tunnel to get to the other side.


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