Capturing Flowers with My Camera

A year and a half ago, I discovered the macro setting on my digital camera.  Since then I’ve had lots of fun taking pictures of wildflowers in New England, Kansas and Florida.  I even found that Wal-Mart was a great place to get close-up pictures of roses, tulips and other flowersflowers at Disney

This summer in New Hampshire two months of rain produced bumper crops of mushrooms from red to yellow to even purple ones.  I took lots of mushroom photos.  Check out my photos on Webshots to see all these. 

I even ran out in the rain to take pictures of spider webs with dew or raindrops on them.  As you can tell, I’m fascinated by the tiny things that I can photograph.

Here are my photography articles:  How to Find Flowers to Photograph …How to Photograph Mushrooms ,,,How to Take Spider Web Photos …The Beauty in Tiny ThingsDawdling Down to the Mailbox


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