The Family Articles on eHow

20 Nov

My mom, Gail Martin, has almost 80 articles posted on eHow. Take a look at her articles and leave some comments.  She’d love to hear if you like her articles on How to Be an Angel in a Christmas Pageant, How to Trigger Memories to Use in Writing, How to Make a Prairie Doll of Rags, or some of her tasty recipes.  She also writes for the Our Echo website, so look there for her essays, family memories and poems.

My sister, Cynthia Ross, has a few articles now, including How to Make Crock Pot Pizza and How to Get Pills Out of a Blister Pack.  Cindy has poetry and stories at Our Echo also.

My aunt, Carol Garriott, has articles both on eHow and Our Echo.  She writes and publishes a monthly newsletter for Seadrift, TX.

My sister, Susan Leigh, has articles on eHow also, so take a look at How to Make Cookies from a Cake Mix (Pumpkin Drops)  and her other articles.

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