Celebrate I-Love-to-Write Day

Today, November 15, 2008 is National “I Love To Write” Day.  This might be a good time to take up writing.   Our family has a writing tradition.  My father’s mother kept a journal for much of her life.  I started journaling when I was in college and that was over 30 years ago.  I even collect vintage diaries and have some that date back to the 1880s.  Here’s an article I wrote about that: How to Sell Antique Diaries.  I also wrote How to Fill Gaps in a Journal.  My other articles on writing include: How to write a trip poemHow to Write Family Memories Triggered by PhotosHow to Write Family Memories for Our EchoHow to Create Poetry Using Online Forms

My mother’s mother entered a writing contest back in the 1920s so writing runs through both sides of the family.  My mom has been writing family memories for the past 30 years, her sister writes a monthly community newsletter and my sister just published a collection of poetry.


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