How to Write for the eHow Website

I’ve been writing articles for eHow since February 2008.  At this point, I’m closing in on having 500 articles (as of Feb. 2010) so I’ve been pretty busy with it.  Along the way, I’ve learned some things about writing for eHow and I’ll share a few of those with you here (for the complete list/links check out EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT EHOW:

Once you start writing  how-to articles, it’s hard to stop.  You keep thinking of more and more topics that you want to share.  The eHow Writer’s Compensation Program pays only modestly for most articles and it can take awhile to build up enough articles to really see a return.  Don’t expect to get-rich-quick on the site, but have fun sharing what you know with others.

Consider eHow like a savings account or a stock account. You keep building it up and every month you get a dividend from it. My residuals from eHow pay me about $200 to $300 a month. That’s a better return than on most savings accounts with their puny 1% interest. Even in a month when I write little, the residuals still come in. Very nice!

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